1 ml contains active substances:

Oxytocin – 10 IU

K-Oxytocin 10 is a synthetic form of oxytocin, a hormone originating from the hypothalamus, composed of a pentapeptide cycle and a side chain of three amino acid residues. It enhances sodium permeability in uterine myofibrils, facilitating uterine contractions. Its efficacy is influenced by pregnancy stage, estrogen levels, and onset of parturition. It is administered parenterally due to gastrointestinal decomposition, with effects observed within 3-5 minutes post-injection.

K-Oxytocin 10 is indicated for stimulating or reinforcing uterine contractions in female domestic animals during parturition, treating postpartum hemorrhage, managing metritis, aiding uterine involution postpartum, stimulating milk ejection in agalactia, managing uterine bleeding, and assisting in mastitis treatment.

Administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously:

  • Cows, Mares: 3-6 ml (30-60 IU)
  • Sheep, Goats: 1-1.5 ml (10-15 IU)
  • Sows: 2-3 ml (20-30 IU)
  • Female Dogs: 0.5-1 ml (5-10 IU)
  • Cats: 0.2-0.3 ml (2.3 IU)

For rapid response, intravenous injection with glucose solution is an option, reducing oxytocin dose by 30%.

Avoid use in animals hypersensitive to oxytocin or experiencing parturition coordination issues due to fetal malposition. Pre-inject estrogen or wait for cervical relaxation before oxytocin administration pre-parturition.

Exercise caution with concurrent use of oxytocin analogs. Avoid use in poorly dilated cervix uteri or malpositioned fetuses. Intravenous administration should be slow and limited to necessary cases, especially in animals with cardiovascular or kidney disorders.

Available in 10, 20, 50, 100 ml.

Store in a dry, dark place or refrigerator at 3°C to 12°C.