K-mectin Super


Composition :

1 ml contains active substances :

Ivermectin B.P. (Vet.) 10mg

Closantel B.P.        50 mg

Propylene Glycol B.P    q.s.

Application :

ivermectin closantel sodium injection is a broad spectrum multi-purpose anthelmintic injection for control of internal parasites and external parasites in cattle , sheep, goat , swine , dog and cat.

Dosage & Administration :

ivermectin closantel sodium injection for subcutaneous administration . Calves, Cattle, Goats and Sheep : 1 ml per 50 kg body weight.

Swine : 1 ml per 66 kg body weight.

The administration of the total dose in two different sites is recommended, in order to avoid possible irritation .

Side Effects :

The transitory discomfort has been observed in some cattle, camels, sheep following subcutaneous administration .

A low incidence of soft-tissue swelling at the injection site has been observed .

Withdrawal Times :

Calves, Cattle, Goats & Sheep : 28 days.

Swine : 21 days.

Packaging :

Glass flasks, closed with rubber cork under aluminium rolling up per 100 ml.


Store below 25°C in dry place protect from direct sunlight . Keep out of reach of children .