Powder from Ectoparasites



The drug is a finely divided white powder with a grayish tint, odorless, designed for external use.


Each gram of the drug contains the active substance:

  • Deltamethrin – 0.5 mg


Deltamethrin, the active ingredient, is a synthetic pyrethroid that blocks the transmission of nerve impulses in ganglion peripheral nerves, leading to paralysis and death of parasites. It is moderately toxic to warm-blooded animals.


The drug is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases caused by ectoparasites in various animals:

  • Cattle: acariformes, lice
  • Sheep, Goats: acariformes, lice
  • Pigs: acariformes, lice
  • Horses: acariformes, lice
  • Dogs, Cats: acariformes, fleas, lice
  • Poultry: acariformes, plumage lice, bird-lice


  • The powder is applied externally by evenly spraying it on the hair, gently rubbing it into the skin, and avoiding mucous membranes.
  • The dose is 1 gram per 5 kilograms of body weight. In the case of itch lesions, the dose is increased threefold. Reprocessing is carried out in 12-14 days.
  • For poultry, the dose is 1-5 grams per head. Poultry can be processed individually or by the group method by mixing the powder in sand where they “bathe”.


  • Do not use for sick, exhausted, or debilitated animals.
  • Avoid use in animals during lactation and pregnancy.


  • Slaughter of treated animals for meat is allowed after 20 days from the last treatment.
  • Personnel handling the drug must use personal protective equipment.
  • The product is toxic to bees and fish. Avoid getting the drug into the water.


Store the drug in a dry, dark place inaccessible to children at temperatures from 4°C to 25°C. Do not store together with food and animal feeds.