Ectopor Spray




Deltametrin – 0.02%,

Tetrametrin – 0.038%,

Esbiotrine – 0.17%

Deionized water, solvents, propellant, surfactants.


The drug has a wide range insectoacaricide action. In the case of direct contact, it is destructive of insects: flies, blood-sucking flies (mosquitoes, horse flies black flies, biting midges), waterbugs, lice, fleas, bird-lice ixodic ticks, chicken mites, mole mites, sarcoptidae.

Treatment and prophylaxis of ectoparasite attack of livestock and pet animals: horses, cattle, sheep, goats pigs, dogs, cats, and chicken.

It is used in treatment of demodicosis dogs, cattle


Shake bottle well before administration.

at the decimeter of skin or hair of the animal cover must be spraying aerosol during 5-7 seconds.

We use it on the animals against fleas, lice, spraying is carried out twice with an interval of 8-10 days.

The drug is applied topically, directly on the skin outreach of licking.

Dog: In the area of ​​the shoulder and along the backbone.

Cats: in the area of ​​the neck, the skin of the ear to kill sarcoidosis of pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, chicken mites spraying is carried out 2-3 times at intervals of 10-12 days.

The use on the premises:

The building must be free from animals. Pre mechanically cleaned walls, floor, ceiling, window frames and sills, wooden feeders, drinkers, inventory items and animal care will process and sprayed from the bottle directly, from a distance of 20-30 cm. The fluid stream is directed to places where the drug movement possible accommodation ectoparasites (cracks in the walls, floor, door and window frames and boxes, litter for animals, etc.).

The usage of the drug is one bottle per building of 50-60 m2. during the treatment, the windows must be opened for ventilation, followed by 30 minutes. After 12-18 hours, the building will be ventilated, feeders, drinkers, equipment, and all items of animal care are washed with a solution of sodium carbonate. If necessary repeat the treatment after 14 days.


Avoid contacting the drug with foods, exposed skin, clothing and eyes.

At work, you should use personal protective equipment.

Do not spray near an open fire.

In the case of skin and eye contact rinse them with plenty of water.


Keep away from foods products at a temperatures not exceeding 30°C.

Store it out of direct sunlight.