Pyran d

Suspension for dogs



Suspension of light yellow color. When storing stratification is possible, which disappears after shaking.


1 ml contains active substances:

Praziquantel – 15 mg;

Pyrantel pamoate – 45 mg.

Additional substances: – up to 1 ml.


Pyran d is anthelmintic broad-spectrum drugs containing active ingredients: praziquantel – a derivative of pirazyneizohinoline and Pyrantel pamoate – a derivative of tetrahydropirymidine.

The antiparasitic drug effect is caused by a combination of components that exhibit a synergistic effect against adult and larval forms of flat and round worms.

The mechanism of action of praziquantel lies in inhibition of fumarate reductase synthesis on the membranes of myofibrils and neuromuscular synapses, resulting in paralysis and death of helminths.

Pyrantel blocks neuromuscular transmission by depolarization in the sensitive parasites, causing paralysis. The substance has nicotinic properties, acts like acetylcholine inhibits cholinesterase.


Deworming of dogs in case of the following parasitic diseases: cestodiasis: echinococcosis (mature forms of Echinococcus granulosus), taeniasis (Taenia spp.), dipylidiosis (Dipylidium caninum – young and mature forms), diphyllobothriasis (Diphyllobothrium latum), mesocestido- sis (Mesocestoides spp.); distomiasis: opisthorchiasis (Opisthorchis felineus); nematodosis: toxocariasis (Toxocara Canis), toxascaridosis (Toxascaris leonina), trichocephaliasis (Trichuris spp.), ancylostomiasis (Ancylostoma caninum), uncinariasis (Uncinaria stenocephala), dirofilariasis (Dirofilaria repens, D. immitis).


Orally individually with food once or directly to the root of the tongue with a syringe tube during morning feeding in a dose of 1 ml per 3 kg of body weight.

Treatment is carried out according to indications. In case of a strong degree of invasion deworming is recommended to repeat after 10 days.

Prophylactic deworming is conducted quarterly and before each vaccination in therapeutic doses.

Before using a bottle of suspension should be carefully shaken.

Previous starvation diet and the use of laxatives are not necessary.


Do not apply to animals with individual hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Do not apply to puppies less than 2 weeks of age.

Do not apply the drug on sick and exhausted animals.

Do not use it in conjunction with drugs containing piperazine.


To pregnant females, medication can be used 3 weeks before giving birth carefully under the supervision of a doctor of veterinary medicine.


Polymer bottles of 10 ml, packed in cardboard boxes. Additionally, disposable syringes with a capacity of 5 ml are put in the box.


A dry, dark place, away from children at a temperature from 0°C to 25°C.

Do not store together with food, drinks and animal feeds.