1 ml contains:

0.25 mg of cloprostenol sodium salt.


Cloprostenol, a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin F2-alpha, induces regression of the corpus luteum and stimulates follicular growth and development during the female sexual cycle’s luteal phase.


Cows and heifers: Used to strengthen contractions during complicated labor, accelerate uterine involution, treat postpartum hemorrhage, endometritis (in combination with antibiotics), regress persistent corpus luteum, resolve corpus luteum cysts, and stimulate/synchronize estrus during insemination.

Sows: Employed for estrus stimulation and synchronization during farrowing.

Mares: Administered for estrus stimulation and regression of persistent corpus luteum.

Female dogs and cats: Used to manage chronic endometritis and terminate unwanted pregnancies.


Administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously to females of all species.

Cows, heifers, bullocks:

  • For maternity complications: 2 ml per 400 kg of body weight.
  • Adjust dosage by 0.3 ml for every 50 kg increase or decrease in weight.
  • For ovarian functional disorders: 2 ml given 3-3.5 days before the desired insemination date.
  • If estrus is absent, repeat the injection on day 11 and perform double insemination after 3-3.5 days.
  • Sows: 0.5-0.7 ml
  • Mares: 1 ml; mating is recommended 4-6 days post-injection.
  • Female dogs: 0.2-0.3 ml
  • Cats: 0.1 ml; for terminating pregnancy, administer 3-5 injections at 12-hour intervals.


Avoid injecting in females during the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent abortion.


Use the milk from the first milking post-injection only for animal watering.


Ampoules or bottles 2 ml, bottles 10 and 20 ml, packed in boxes.


Store in a dark place at temperatures between 5°C to 20°C.