Analysis / 30 GM :

DI-lipoic acid                 1.200 mg

Vitamin B1                    500 mg

Pantothenic acid          450 mg

Riboflavin                      35 mg

Niacin                             35 mg

Methionine                   250 mg

Excipients                    up to 30 g




A food supplement that contains the necessary elements to strengthen muscles, reduce the production of lactic acid during racing and severe muscular performance.

Direction of use :

  • – Blend Thoroughly with feed
    – Blend thoroughly with feed. For support under stressful condition,

feed 1 sachet daily for 2 days. Thereafter feed ½ – 1 sachet as needed.

-For stress or performance, give 1 package the evening before an event and 1 packet two to three hours prior to the event

  Animal species: RACING HORSES.

Storage condition:

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight in Temp. Not more than 30 C.
Validity : 36 Months from production date .
Made in : United State of America .