Contains per gram powder:

Calcium propionate 400 mg.

Sodium propionate 400 mg.

Vitamin C 100 mg.

Potassium chloride 20 mg. 

Sodium chloride 50 mg.

Sodium molybdate 150 μg.

Copper Sulphate 700 μg.

Iron Sulphate 700 μg.

Manganese Sulphate 500 μg.

Cobalt Gluconate 4 mg

Zinc Sulphate 300 μg.

Dicalcium Phosphate up to 1g.


KPI-Minerals Recovery is a well-balanced combination of essential minerals and electrolytes. It is designed to reduce dehydration and normalize digestive dysfunctions in sheep, goats, camels, cattle, calves, piglets, and poultry. This product is also effective in cases of scours, helping to slow down dehydration and electrolyte loss while minimizing nutritional stress caused by environmental changes. KPI-Minerals Recovery can be used on its own or in conjunction with antibiotics.


  • Stimulates recovery from dehydration
  • Aids in normalizing digestive dysfunction
  • Corrects loss of several electrolytes
  • Simple administration through drinking water


For oral administration through drinking water:

  • Sheep, Goats: 10 g in 1 liter of lukewarm drinking water, 4 times daily.
  • Cattle, Camels: 50 – 150 g per treatment. Treatment can be repeated for 2 – 3 days.
  • Calves: 20 g in 1 liter of lukewarm drinking water, 4 times daily, during the diarrhea period. Administer for 4 consecutive days.
  • Newly Arrived Animals:
    • First day: 1000 g in 20 liters of lukewarm drinking water. Do not administer or feed anything else.
    • Following days: Administer daily 1.5 liters of drinking water with 30 g of KPI-Minerals Recovery. Complete the feed ratio with normal feed twice daily.
  • Piglets: 20 g in 1 liter of lukewarm drinking water for the treatment of 40 kg body weight. Administer besides the normal feed.
  • Poultry: 200 g to medicate 200 – 400 liters of lukewarm drinking water, during 3 – 5 consecutive days. Administer besides the normal feed.