Each 1 ml contains

0.004 mg of Buserelin acetate.


Buserelin is a synthetic GNRH (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone) analogue. Natural LH – RH stimulates the pituitary to release LH and FSH and it also shows the effect of releasing gonadal steroids . The effect of LH release depends on the route and time of administration. Compared with natural compound, it is 18-32 times higher . It is rapidly eliminated from the circulatory system after injection and lasts for 5 – 12 minutes . shows a half-life . Concentrating in the pituitary gland, liver and kidneys , the compound undergoes enzymatic degradation in these organs and It is broken down into smaller peptide fragments whose activity is not significant . It basically leaves the body with urine .


In cows : Treatment of ovarian infertility and increasing the pregnancy rate, When used in combination with PGF2-alpha, estrus synchronization and reduction of time between birth and conception ,

In mares : Stimulating mature follicles to ovulate, thus synchronizing ovulation closer to the ovulation , In rabbits : Increasing the pregnancy rate and induction of ovulation .


Can be used intramuscularly, subcutaneously or intravenously In cattle: Treatment of ovarian-related fertility problems in cows:

  • In follicular cysts : 5 ml is given with or without nymphomania symptoms. Manually detecting the presence of cysts in the treatment of follicular cysts in cows .

detection is not required. A corpus luteum in a cystic or normal ovary approximately 8 days after GNRH Solution for Injection administration can be clearly determined. At the same time, luteinization and disappearance of the cyst may occur. The animal’s response to treatment is controlled after 10-14 days. should be done. If corpus luteum is not formed or newly formed cysts are noticed, the treatment should be repeated. Artificial at first estrus after treatment insemination or grafting can be done . On average, estrus occurs 20 days after the injection of GNRH Solution for Injection. • In real anoestrus (Acyclia): 5 ml is given. Two rectal examinations 11 days apart to determine if the cow is in true anoestrus. should be done. Alternatively, milk samples can be taken every 11 days for the determination of progesterone in milk.

Anger should be seen 8 – 22 days after treatment. In the meantime, if there is no estrus, rectal examination should be performed once again. If there are no palpable formations on the ovary, the treatment is repeated. should be done . However, if the corpus luteum is palpable, prostaglandin F2 alpha or an analogue should be applied and the animal will not be in heat after 23- days. should be displayed.

  • In delayed ovulation: 2.5 ml is given. Delayed ovulation artificial insemination or treatment at the time of ovulation or 68- hours before can be done. Ovulation usually occurs 24 hours after treatment.
  • In anovulation: 2.5 ml
  • To increase the pregnancy rate by applying during insemination: 2.5 ml is given. GNRH Solution for Injection artificial insemination

By applying it during or up to 8 hours before artificial insemination, ovulation can be achieved at the right time.

  • To increase the pregnancy rate by applying after insemination: One injection 11 or 12 days after artificial insemination Pregnancy rate can also be increased by preventing luteolysis and subsequent embryonic death.
  • Estrus synchronization in dairy cattle: GNRH Solution for Injection 10-day estrus synchronization and artificial insemination increase the pregnancy rate and shorten the time between birth and reconception when used as part of the

can be provided. In this method, GnRH is used together with PGF2-alpha analog with luteolytic activity. Application

Day 0: (Ex. Monday) 2.5 ml GNRH Injectable Solution

Day 7: (eg Monday) PGF2-alpha analog at recommended luteolytic dose

Day 9 : (Ex.Wednesday) 2.5 ml GNRH Injectable Solution

Day 10 : (Ex. Thursday) Artificial insemination and the last injection of GNRH Injectable Solution after 20-24 hours (2.5 ml)

  • In the prevention of fertility disorders with early induction of the postpartum cycle : 5 ml

In horses : Stimulating mature follicles in mares to ovulate so that ovulation is more closely synchronized with mating .

10 ml GNRH Injectable Solution should be administered on the first day when the follicle reaches its highest dimensions. This period is based on previous clinical history and detectable by rectal examination. The best time to administer GNRH Solution for Injection is 6 hours before expiration. Morning GNRH Appropriate time can be obtained by injecting Solution for Injection and afternoon overshoot or afternoon injection and evening overshoot . If the mare is still in heat, it can be vaccinated again the next morning . If ovulation has not occurred 24 hours after the application, the injection must be repeated.

  • In ovulation induction: 10 ml
  • To increase the pregnancy rate : 10 ml
  • In case of prolonged or continuous heat : 10 ml In rabbits :
  • Ovulation induction in postpartum insemination : 0.2 ml

A subcutaneous administration of 0.2 ml is done 24 hours after birth. Insemination should be done immediately after injection.

  • Increasing the pregnancy rate : 0.2 ml

0.2 ml is applied during seeding or grafting.


  • Ovulation induction is not possible in the presence of a functional corpus luteum.
  • In the recommended synchronization practice with PGF2-alpha administration, after prostaglandin therapy before the program is completed. Cows showing oestrus should be inseminated when they show oestrus without waiting for the completion of the synchronization program.
  • The highest pregnancy rates are 61-70 postpartum. It is reported that it is obtained after insemination between days.
  • Use in pregnancy: Contraindicated.


May cause temporary irritation at the injection site.


  • It should not be mixed with other drugs .
  • It should not be administered with injectors using other drugs . An unused sterile syringe should be used for administration .


In overdose, nervousness and edema of the extremities can be observed. It is treated symptomatically .


Drug Residue Elimination Period (İ.K.A.S.): It is zero (0) days for meat and milk .


It should not be used in animals known to be hypersensitive to buserelin acetate .


It should only be used by a veterinarian . Consult your veterinarian in case of an unexpected effect. Keep out of reach of children.


It should be stored below 25°C, without being refrigerated or frozen. Store in its box, protected from light. Opened vials can be used for 14 days at room temperature.


20 ml Bottle .