Each 1 ml contains :
DL-Methionine ……………..200 mg
Cyanocobalamine (B12)……200 MCG

This supplement is indicated for the treatment of liver diseases such as hepatitis and fatty liver, as well as metabolic disorders like excess acetone in the blood. It also addresses calcium deficiency in the blood and urine acidification in various animals, including cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and dogs.

Methionine serves to safeguard the liver and prevent fat accumulation by eliminating fat through its sulfur atoms. As an essential amino acid, it plays a crucial role in shielding the liver from damage and fat buildup.

  • Cattle, horses: 25 to 50 ml
  • Calves, pigs, sheep: 10 to 25 ml
  • Piglets, lambs, kids: 5 to 10 ml
  • Poultry: 1 to 2 ml (subcutaneously) or 1 ml per liter of drinking water
  • Dogs, cats: 1 to 2 ml

Keep below 25°C (Air Conditioning) and protect from light.